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  Ukrainian company Verdani® is the first and only domestic manufacturer of innovative insulation made of chemically cross-linked polyethylene foam.

  Availability of own production, modern high-performance equipment guarantee in the shortest possible time production and delivery of orders of any volume and necessary characteristics: density, thickness, color, winding length.

 Testing, testing system and control, which are carried out by leading institutes of Ukraine, made it possible to make a full certification of products and incorporate it into the building codes of Ukraine.

 Today, Verdani® is an economically stable company that guarantees the environmental safety of products and has strong partnerships with leading companies in the market of insulation materials.


 Now, when energy prices are rapidly growing, the issue of energy saving is more relevant than ever. This applies equally to residents of apartment buildings and owners of private buildings. Comprehensive sound insulation and thermal insulation of the house - the roof, walls, floor, window and door openings - one of the main sources of energy saving and creating a comfortable atmosphere inside the room.

 Our goal - a large-scale introduction of modern innovative solutions using highly efficient and durable thermal insulation, moisture barrier, sound-proof fabric.