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  Mats gymnastics are used in gyms, training clubs, schools, kindergartens. Mats gymnastics can be used for domestic physical education and sport at home. And if there are small children in the house, then the mattress on the floor mat in the children's room will save them when they fall from blows and injuries.


  Mats made of foamed polyethylene are a soft cover for the floor, which is used for training, gymnastics, fitness, stretching, under Swedish walls and for competitions in Greco-Roman, free wrestling and sambo, as well as in other types of martial arts. 

  Foam polyethylene - the most popular material for the production of mats, at the moment. It does not absorb moisture and dust, hypoallergenic, (unlike mats from the secondary foam rubber) are of low weight. He can bend in two and nothing will happen, the mat will return to its original state. You can use it without a cover, a mat and in this case it will perfectly perform its functions.

  Math allows you to effectively distribute the dynamic load and extinguish the impact energy when falling.



Composition: 100% chemically cross-linked foam polyethylene
Material density: 33 kg / m3. (Corresponds to a density of 160-170 kg / m3 of secondary foam rubber)
The thickness of the mat: from 15 to 50 mm



Properties of mats made of foam polyethylene:

  • bilateral;
  • light;
  • not slipping surface;
  • washed;
  • hard-working;
  • antifungal;
  • antibacterial;
  • hypoallergenic. 01m1