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333 Goods for sports, recreation and tourism


Foam polyethylene - the most popular material for the production of goods for sports, recreation and tourism.

 It does not absorb moisture and dust, hypoallergenic and low in weight.

Foam polyethylene appeared quite recently, but already firmly established its position

in the 8cc76cdfa2a3market. This unique material is environmentally safe and perfectly hygienic.

  It does not absorb moisture and dust, does not cause allergic reactions, resistant to bacteria and fungus. That is why the foam-polyethylene mats are often used for children's rooms. It is convenient to sit on such rugs, they will save the child from bruises and cold.

  Despite the fact that foam is very thin and light, it provides a high level of thermal insulation. Therefore, the products from this material are indispensable during the rest in the nature and during hiking. They can be used even for overnight in tents.


  Advocates of long hiking and overnight staying in the field know how valuable a carriage is that will not let you freeze by reflecting the cold and dampness of the earth, and retaining the warmth of your body. Choosing a tourist mat should take into account such characteristics as weight, compactness, reliability and functionality.

Foam polyethylene itself has high thermal insulation values, and an additional foil coating


greatly enhances its insulation and water repellent properties. The surface of the foil is reliably welded in one piece with the base of the carema. Foam film significantly increases the life of the mat. With such a rug very comfortable to spend time on a picnic, fishing, in the woods and just relax in the nature. Foil film has food tolerances, on carema it is possible without danger to own health, to lay down food. A high level of thermal insulation, a decent length, width and thickness of the mat, will provide a comfortable and warm rest on the damp and cold earth. The mat does not pass cold and heat, does not absorb moisture. On it you can sit, lie, sleep without fear for your health. Lightweight, soft, elastic without a specific odor, environmentally friendly.


  Of course, thermal insulation karamets can be used not only during hiking or simply outdoor activities. They perfectly show themselves as sports rugs. Without letting go of cold, such rugs allow you to train on the cold floor. And the softness and elasticity of Verdani® make it a comfortable yoga or other exercise that requires a long stay in static poses. Caramena 10-12 mm thick perfectly softens the blows, so perfectly suited even for intensive training.

  Verdani® materials are chemically resistant, can interact with food products. It can withstand temperatures from -60 to + 110 ° С. That is why it can be used in the most extreme conditions, without worrying about the integrity of the product.

  Foam polyethylene is resistant to fungus, mold, bacteria and parasites.