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Isolation for floating floors.


 Verdani® PEP-PL - roll material for noise insulation of inter-floor overlays from chemically cross-linked polypropylene of Ukrainian manufacture. Due to the crosslinked and closed structure of the Verdani® cells, PPDLL has a higher elasticity compared to other foamed noise insulation materials.

A cloth made of CHP PPU is used when setting the "floating" floor. Are intended for sound insulation from shock noise and reduction of heat loss through the construction of the floor. According to the protocol No. 73k / 10, the NDIBC reduces the impact noise level under the slab to 30 dB. Not compressed under the action of static loads, retains its shape and properties during the service life.

The homogeneous structure of the cells and the optimum material density ensure stable performance throughout the entire period of operation. This prevents future cracking of the cement joint, and, consequently, the violation of the integrity of the finishing coating. Verdani® PPE PLL is flexible and elastic, so it does not crumble when assembled, unlike foam polystyrene.

  For the noise isolation of inter-floor ceilings, a Verdani PEP PLL cloth of chemically cross-linked foam with a protective polyethylene film can be used, which additionally prevents mechanical damage during installation.

Standard colors: PPE - gray.

  When ordering from 3000 m2 - the color of the customer's choice. The price for goods with non-standard parameters is discussed individually.