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 Building insulation.


Due to the regular and very rapid increase in energy prices, we are constantly looking for ways to save and maintain the heat in the rooms. It has been proven that the heat loss in our apartments reaches 40%, which indicates that we spend almost half of the money on heating.

Verdani® material is an excellent insulation resistant to the adverse effects of the external environment, with high resistance to heat transfer, high sound insulation properties. The coefficient of thermal conductivity is 0.031 W/mK at a density of 33 kg/m3.

On average, 1 cm of Verdani® insulation can replace:

- 1.2 cm polystyrene foam
- 4.5 cm mineral wool insulation
- 15 cm brickwork

Application areas:
1. Warming of the roof;
2. Wall insulation;
3. Floor insulation;
4. Warming of the facade;
5. Insulation of the garage;
6. Warming of the balcony;
7. Warming cottages.

Soundproofing interfloor overlappings.


  Verdani® polyethylene foam is a roll material for sound insulation of interfloor ceilings of chemically cross-linked polyethylene foam of Ukrainian production. Due to the crosslinked and closed structure of the Verdani® cells, the polyethylene foam has a higher elasticity compared to other foam insulation materials.

  The homogeneous structure of the cells and the optimum density of the material provide stable characteristics during the entire period of operation. This prevents future cracking of the cement screed, and consequently, the violation of the integrity of the finishing coating. Verdani® polystyrene foam is flexible and elastic, so it does not crumble during installation, unlike polystyrene foam.