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  Verdani® insulation is a trademark for the European Union's high-quality, energy-saving material.

  It is a unique innovative material - chemically cross-linked polyethylene foam, which combines five basic properties:

  • heat insulation
  • soundproofing,
  • waterproofing
  • convenient installation,
  • environmental friendliness.

   Due to its unique properties, Verdani® material is widely used in various industries:

  • construction;
  • light industry;
  • automotive industry;
  • engineering;
  • sports industry.

    Polyethylene is an elastic material with a uniform closed cell structure, resulting from the foaming of polyethylene.

   There are several different technologies for foaming polyethylene. Depending on the technology used, stitched and unstitched polyethylene foam are distinguished.

   Unstitched or gas-filled is produced by the extrusion method using a physical blowing agent, which can be freon, propane-butane and isobutane. In the process of obtaining this product, the molecular structure of the polymer itself does not change, therefore the resulting material is characterized by low stability under the influence of loads. Used mainly for packaging.

    Crosslinked polyethylene foam is produced in two ways:

1) using special chemical reagents - called chemically crosslinked XPE
2) under the influence of radiation - called “physically crosslinked” (electronic crosslinked PE)

    A cross-linked polyethylene foam has a modified molecular structure, and as a result of cross-linking, a cross-linked or reticulated molecular structure is formed, which is characterized by high stability, which makes it possible to use this polyethylene foam as a highly efficient technical insulation.

   Due to its closed cellular structure, cross-linked polyethylene foam is a good heat insulator, noise absorber, it bends and cuts easily, and is also able to hold a given shape.