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 The Verdani® production plant is located in s. Makarovka Kiev region.kak proizvodjat vspenennyj polijetilen penopolijetilen 01

 Production is equipped with modern laboratory equipment, which allows to control the quality of raw materials, develop formulations according to customer requirements and control the quality of the final product.

 The equipment allows to produce a wide range of products in terms of thickness and dimensions: thickness is from 3 to 50 mm, width is from 500 mm to 1500 mm.

 Using equipment from world manufacturers provides automation control and maintain the basic parameters of the extrusion process.

 Own storage areas make it possible to store more than 500 tons of products of various assortments and ensure the most prompt shipment of goods to the customer.

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  The company employs qualified personnel who have completed a full course of training for working with production equipment.

  We are dedicated to continuous improvement of production technology, improve product quality, development and production of new products for maximum satisfaction of our customers.