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  Polyethylene is an inert polymeric chemically resistant material, toxicologically harmless, which allows contact with food and human skin.

  Аt temperatures up to + 140 ° C, the release of toxic substances from the material does not occur.

  Standard grade polyethylene foam (without fire extinguishing additives) is a combustible material. If a fire occurs, it should be extinguished: with foam and carbon dioxide fire extinguishers, sand, water, asbestos cloth. If molten foam gets on the skin, it should be cooled with water, then removed.

Polyethylene is insoluble in water and most solvents. In the production of polyethylene does not apply substances that destroy the ozone layer of the atmosphere.

  When released into the ground there is no release of gases or substances that pollute water bodies.

  Waste of polyethylene foam is recommended to be incinerated in industrial plants having high temperatures.

  Waste polyethylene foam can be reused as: packaging and heat-insulating material, lightweight filler in the manufacture of building materials, drainage of the substrate.