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Verdani® PE cloth with a sticky layer

shumoizolyatsiya kia sorento


The fabric "Verdani®" (type K and type AK) are covered with high-quality adhesive layer with a lavsan film.

Cloth with a sticky layer is used for ease of installation when isolating air conditioning systems, ventilation and pipelines, noise isolation of cars.

With the adhesive layer, the Verdani® PEP can be mounted quickly.

Reliable isolation in hard-to-reach places.

  Before installation, the insulated surface must be degreased with acetone or technical alcohol. To improve the "grip" of the adhesive layer and its tight fit to the uneven surface, you can use the heating of the material with a construction hair dryer.

  Standard colors: PPE - gray.

  When ordering from 3000 m2 - the color of the customer's choice. The price for goods with non-standard parameters is discussed individually.