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Verdani® Canvas Coated with Aluminum Foil (Type A and Type AA)

  Verdani® PE foil foil is a heat-insulating, vapor barrier and soundproof material that has the property of reflecting thermal energy.

 These properties are realized at the expense of polished aluminum foil and heat-insulating properties of dry air enclosed in the bubble structure of crosslinked foam polyethylene.

  It consists of one or two layers of specially made aluminum 14 microns in thickness with a purity of 99.4% and chemically cross-linked polyfoam with a closed cellular structure.

  Provides constant temperature mode, has a high thermal resistance, combines heat and sound insulation, vapor protection and barrier against radon.

- Insulation of pitched roofs;
- Insulation of ventilated facades;

- Internal warming of the walls of the sauna, saunas;
- Isolation under the batteries of the central heating and heating devices;
- Isolation of pipelines with carrier from 0 ° С to 110 ° С;
- Thermal insulation of containers.

  Can be used as a heater under warm floors only with a polyethylene film (to protect the foil from oxidation).


  Specifications - Verdani® foamed PP:

Reflective effect of radiating energy

over 97%

Application temperature

from -80°C to + 120°C

Resistance to heat transfer

(R) 1,2 м2 °С/Вт

Water absorption by volume

Less than 1%

Coefficient of thermal conductivity

0,031 - 0,040 (Bт/м°С)

Coefficient of vapor permeability (µ)

0,001 мг/м ч Па