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  Do you like outdoor recreation, appreciate comfort and take care of your health? Would you like to spend more time in the fresh air, away from the same city bustle? In this case, you will definitely be able to use a tourist mat, (a carriage), as well as a more mobile option - a seat.


  Caramels are indispensable for hiking, outing for the city, fishing, hunting. Carimate allows you to lie, sit, sleep without fear for your health - the carriage does not let cold and heat, does not absorb moisture. Lightweight, soft and elastic, environmentally friendly caramets are easily folded down and do not require additional fixation in the folded state.

  Our caramets, thanks to their unique qualities, are also perfect for different kinds of sports.

  Foam polyethylene, from which the caremet is made, is a chemically stable material, absolutely harmless. Contact with food and skin of a person is allowed.

  The temperature range of exploitation of foam polyethylene - from -60 to + 100 ° C.


 Popular models of our carettes and their characteristics: